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Persuasive and Engaging Content For Your Business

Complex topics made engaging & easy to understand


Hey, I’m Anna

I’m a full-time professional blogger and copywriter specializing in making complex topics engaging and interesting to your ideal client.

From insurance to finance to any other industry, I can help you find fresh ideas that turn readers into leads and leads into clients.

Build Your Brand, Get Leads, and More!

Imagine waking up each day knowing that your blog content was clear, interesting, and creating new leads for you every day.

Imagine if your sales pages spoke directly to your prospects and brought you excellent conversion rates.

What would your business be like? What would you have time to do every day?
This dream can become a reality when you work with Rainbow’s Edge. I can help you with a variety of content that will help you communicate your vision, prove your expertise, build your brand, and impact your bottom line.

What I Do

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is the beginning of the content marketing process. We set goals and create a plan to communicate your vision & value to your ideal customers.

Blog Articles

Blog posts help you build the know, like, and trust factors with prospects. They also focus on specific topics and keywords that help you rank well in search results.

Web & Sales Copy

The right website content is engaging and persuasive, starting and ending with the benefit that your ideal customer recieves.

Email Copy

Your email list is your biggest asset. Get content that drives open rates, click-throughs, and sales.

Creative Copywriting

Have a need not described here? No worries! Contact me to set up your special project.

Creative Copywriting​

Have a need not described here? No worries! Contact me to set up your special project.
Anna has been our "go-to" freelancer to help us communicate complex financial issues in an easy to understand way that is very reader friendly and engaging. In addition to her writing skills, Anna is extremely reliable, turns assignments around quickly, offers feedback on ways to improve the assignment, and keeps me updated on her progress. I feel lucky to have found her for our writing needs and I'm sure you will feel the same way too.
Debbie Schwartz
Anna is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is her work pitch-perfect, as is her ability to tailor her writing voice to suit any industry or style of copy, she's punctual, personal, and very thorough in her work. Her pleasant, upbeat attitude in tackling assignments really comes through in everything she does. I highly recommend Anna for any project you may have that requires a responsive, detail oriented writer.
Lana Cooper
Anna has been my most reliable freelancer at SEER Interactive. She consistently delivers quality work on schedule, and is always more than willing to help out when you're in a bind. Perhaps Anna's best asset is her ability to develop quality content across a variety of verticals and niches, including but not limited to finance, health, technology, and marketing/business. She excels at diggin in and doing enough research to demonstrate deep understanding of the subject matter in her writing. I would recommend Anna to any agency in need of quality content for a wide variety of clients. And I hear she makes great fudge, too.

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